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Great Selection and Prices for Bamboo in the U.S.

All we do is bamboo.

Bamboo Bob has been a horticulturist since 1974 and working with bamboo for over 30 years! Bamboo Bob has shown thousands of homeowners, architects, nurseries and contractors how to use nature's most unique plant material to provide beautiful solutions for their decorative landscaping and privacy needs.

From bamboo privacy hedges to large commercial installations, Bamboo Bob has a bamboo solution that will enhance your property and provide years of enjoyment.

Current Project

  • Removing wild bamboo
  • The start of removing wild bamboo
  • Wild bamboo engulfing a fence
  • Wild bamboo after removal
  • checking soil for rhizomes
  • Removing wild bamboo that was growing inside a wall!
  • Removing wild bamboo hedge
  • Removing wild bamboo hedge
  • Another look at removing wild bamboo
  • Making sure there are no rhizomes left under the concrete
  • No rhizomes left under the concrete
  • Removing a bamboo hedge
  • Rhizomes spread quickly and can even go under concrete
  • Rhizomes under concrete
  • Removing rhizomes under concrete
  • Making sure there are no more rhizomes in the soil
  • Bamboo after being removed
  • Rhizomes getting under concrete
  • Rhizomes removed from under concrete
  • Massive rhizome growth under concrete
  • Bamboo removal
  • test 1

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